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We are a growing community of Psychics, Mystics,Mediums , Healers and people of many different spiritual venues.We hope that you also will choose to join our growing and thriving community.We offer many unique and diverse avenues of methods to spiritual growth .From Auras to Chakras ,Dream study to Free Psychic Chat. Our free basic Psychic Development Classes , Free Daily Tarot & online psychic readings will help to aid you in your own spiritual journey. Also alot of you will have something to offer back to the community….such as your own personal experiences…trails and errors along your path to truth. Together each of us has something to offer the other and we are bringing our own unique spice to our community and what we like to call our Spirit Soup.May we all dine well at the table of life and enjoy every morsel of soul edifying truth we can consume!Nameste!.

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  • Meditations

    Here you will find meditations for the White Light of Protection ,Silver Violet Flame , chakra cleansing & opening and much much more.

  • Insights Book

    Here you will find good quality used & new spiritual books to help you along your personal journey

  • Silver Violet Flame

    Use this meditation to protect you and attune you to the higher vibrations of the Divine Spirit.Repeat it three times in the morning and again three times in the evening.Can be used in moments of crisis to protect.

  • Radio Show

    We are a growing community of Psychics, Mystics,Mediums , Healers and people of many different spiritual venues.

  • Tarot Readings

    The magic of the Tarot has been a highly respected and powerful form of divination that has been around for centuries.

  • White light of protection

    This meditation has been used as a spiritual protection technique for at least 2 centuries that I am aware of. It has been used by magicians, alchemists, sorcerers, spiritualists, spiritual healers, and by the psychics and shaman of all cultures.

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Wonderful Reading! Very Healing! Great Communication! I Highly Recommend!
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